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Fandom Dark Knight Oracle / Stash Box
Fandom Dark Knight Oracle / Stash Box
Fandom Dark Knight Oracle / Stash Box
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Fandom Dark Knight Oracle / Stash Box

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Beautifully handcrafted + stained oracle box features our favorite capes crusader’s sigil laser etched onto the top of the box. This symbol has not only been handpainted white to contrast the black stain but the symbol glows in the dark too!!!  Our signature has been laser engraved as onto the bottom of box and accented with white paint as well! 

Made of high quality Baltic Burch Plywood, this box has been stained black and hand assembled, featuring eye-catching finger joints which lend to the natural aesthetic of the box

Box has been sanded smooth to perfection + coated with a high quality semi-gloss to add just the right amount of lustre without taking away from the gorgeous logo

Made of Baltic Burch and stained black, this box measures  approximately 5.5" x 4" x 2" and practically screams "hide all the things" !!!

Use this beauty to keep safe + store your precious oracle cards or "stash" when not in use.

Storing your tarot / oracle cards in a keepsake box will not only protect them from the elements but keep them out of the grasp of grabby hands + potential energy interference. 

There is ample room in the box should you wish to also wrap your oracle cards in a light, silken cloth or to include one of your favorite, smaller quartz crystals or palm stones. 

Not into oracle, why not? Just kidding. This box functions as a lovely stash box as well to house whatever your inner goddess should want to keep safe from nosy or prying hands.

Please note that ALL items are made to order at the time of purchase. As such, shipping and handling time will vary between 7-14 business days upon receipt of order + cleared payment.  

Please note that due to the nature of working with handmade, and natural products there may exist some variation, uneven grain, knots etc in materials.

Please note that listing is for BOX only. Tarot cards, crystals and other altar decorations shown purely for inspiration.