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Follow Us on Instagram @itsbasicallymagic for Sneak Peeks + Previews!!!
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About Us

We are It's Basically Magic, a high vibe small business from the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Our goal is to provide you all things mystical + spiritual in nature to aide in a deeper connection with your inner wild child + free spirit. 

You see, we believe that you already possess everything you need to be an amazing, soulful, passionate, loving, human being! In saying so, we also acknowledge that sometimes each of us may need a little bit of help along the way to realize our true power + spirit + potential. And THAT'S where we step in! 

We currently carry beautifully handmade crystal grids, tarot/ stash boxes, altar decor + Palo Santo bundles, to name just a few of what is in store for you. 

All our handmade items are made right here, LOCALLY, in Tempe using wood and other materials that have been locally sourced right here in our backyard. We truly believe in community over competition. In the event that we are unable to locally source our materials, we take pride in researching and obtaining materials only from ethically sourced materials + goods. 

We cannot wait to be of service to you on your journey, and in life. 



You can find us on Instagram + FB @itsbasicallymagic