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Smudging Wands + Sticks

Smudging appears as the ancient practice of burning sacred herbs such as Palo Santo and Sage to purify a space. Many believe that smudging is the best way to energetically + spiritually cleanse a space prior to ceremony, meditation, ritual + worship of low vibes and negativity. The ancients believe that through the smoke of these burning herbs, magic is created + vibrations are lifted.

We have available several varieties of of smudge wands content various herbs + blends in various sizes of smudge wands in our shop. Our most popular smudge sticks that we carry are our laser engraved Palo Santo sticks + California White Sage. In addition, we also feature Black Sage / Mugwort, and Juniper + California White Sage smudge wands in the shop.

Palo Santo: Known by many names, including "Holy Wood", its proper name is Bursera Graveolens. Most commonly these natural aromatic wood sticks are referred to as Palo Santo.

Palo Santo is used to dispel bad vibes, and can help to clear away any negative juju, leaving you energetically + spiritually uplifted + with a cleansed space. It is also believed that smudging Palo Santo can be used to aide in deep healing for the physical body + clear your space from energies believe to be associated with illness. Ailments said to benefit from Palo Santo are asthma, anxiety, depression, headaches + stress. Smudging with Palo Santo may also aid in a deeper connection to source (Creator/ God/ Goddess, etc), bring about love, and fortune! 

California White Sage: Also known as salvia apiana, California White Sage, has been used by traditional medicine men, shaman + healers for centuries. It is also one of, if not the most, popular choice for smudging today. A very sacred, powerful plant, White Sage aides in both the purification of a space + physical body. The healing smoke alleviates negativity, making room for uplifted vibes and promotes healing emotionially, mentally, physically + spiritually. These imbalances are thought to be smudged + cleared away out of both body + home with this healing smoke.

Black Sage: Also know as Mugwort + dream weed. Great for magic + protection!

Juniper + California White Sage: a blend of both juniper + California White Sage

All of our smudging bundles are organic, Fair Trade + ethically sourced and grown

We offer various laser engraved patterns as well as plain Palo Santo sticks, at various price points. Check out our assortment of offerings, including our NEWEST addition, our Chakra Meditation Sticks!!!